AVA is the premier members-only shopping site in the Philippines. It’s a curated online store of premium and well-loved brands. With a tightly-edited collection of apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, home, art and design objects, AVA wants you to discover coveted pieces carefully selected by their team of taste makers. 

Being a start-up, one of the things AVA wanted to prioritise then was to boost its number of members. This was easily solved by creating a landing / log in page. Local celebrities like Maggie Wilson, Bianca Gonzales and even PMAP models have graced AVA's cover.

For the home page of the site, AVA had the following conditions:

  • Highlight on-going sales; show the number of days left per brand
  • Have a sliders to announce new brands, sales, etc. 
  • Create a product ticker, like Facebook’s, so users can see what other users are viewing / purchasing in real time
AVA by Rachel Mutia
AVA by Rachel Mutia
AVA Brand & Product Page by Rachel Mutia

Brands get a dedicated page for their items where the customers can read about their story. This page acts as the brand's store front. Below are my other studies. 

AVA Company Profile by Rachel

To learn more about AVA and how it works, watch the video below - a collaboration with my friend, Ken Chavez, who worked on the motion graphics.