Echostore is a concept store for sustainable lifestyle in the Philippines that wanted to branch out online. It earned its reputation sourcing and marketing eco-friendly products from all over the country, produced by communities or groups for their livelihood. It's the first store of its kind in the country to position green, fair trade community products in a premium, specialty market segment.

Since the brand's launch at 2009, Echostore has built a market that were mostly composed of women in the ages between 21 - 40. These women are health conscious and are willing to pay a premium for products. However, most of them are situated at least five miles around the Echostore areas which meant that the brand has yet to increase awareness. 

That being said, the website had to focus on highlighting the products - 

Echostore by Rachel Mutia

- and their three concept stores namely Echostore (green, fair trade products created by community groups from all over the Philippines), Echomarket (fresh organic produce and prepared food grown by local farmers) and Echocafe (meals that have fresh ingredients that are organically grown). 

Echostore Index by Rachel Mutia

Echostore sells products that are healthygreen and have sources customers can trust. I wanted to deliver that on the website and so the creative direction revolved around those three things. 

I started by using a wooden texture on the background to complement the natural products on the site. To balance it out, the rest of the page is kept bright and clean to make it inviting. The layout is also simple enough to navigate in for Echostore's customers who aren't as tech-savvy.  

Key ingredients were also imposed onto the highlighted products to entice customers and to make it easier for them to see what the products are mostly composed of.

Echostore Invoice by Rachel Mutia