Paul and Kara's wedding website was commissioned under Love Miles. The website makes use of playful imagery and parallax to make it fun for guests to read about the wedding.

The couple wanted to highlight their reception so it became the central theme of the website. Everything started with their logo: 

With the help of Karl, we added textures to give it a vintage feel. The whole website went through the same process. Everything was vectored in Illustrator and then textured in Photoshop. Below is the final site sans the RSVP and some details.

Paul and Kara by Rachel Mutia

I took inspiration from vintage motel signs, bowling alley logos, old cities and even from the glittering signs that you see all over Las Vegas. By making their content short and direct to the point, Paul and Kara made it easy for me to focus on illustrating instead of having to worry how to layout several pages of content. 

Paul and Kara by Rachel Mutia
Paul and Kara